The most advanced starter for Gatsby & Netlify CMS.

Extensible, block based starter for Netlify CMS.
Built with performance in mind, styled with TailwindCSS.

Think lightweight WordPress.


Manual Initialization

Ditch yaml for CMS configuration, use JS instead

Support For Local Development

Develop & test Netlify CMS configuration locally.

Integrated Forms

Create forms with Netlify CMS, powered by react-hook-form.

Integrated Previews

Blocks created by developers are instantly available for previews from Netlify CMS layout

Permalink-based page generation

Automatically generated pages based on permalinks.

Modify Navigation with ease

Navigation can be modified with ease, without a need for changing the code base

Block based page creator

Block-based page creator with Previews

Create blocks and reuse them across different pages that can be created using Netlify CMS UI. Previews will be generated automatically for all blocks!

Premade components schema

Premade components & Netlify CMS settings

We've created a collection of basic UI elements, so you can quickly create new blocks and style them from a single component.

We did the same for Netlify CMS configuration. You can use basic fields to create new blocks quicker then ever!

Netlify CMS configuration with Henlo

Configuration exposed through Netlify CMS

No need to change configuration using gatsby-node.js or .env files!

Admins of the site can setup options using Netlify CMS's UI instead. This allows for reusable themes & templates